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Press Releases

Solution Spotlights

Electronic Enclosures Solution Spotlight - DC Series

Read how a Polycase customer found the ideal rugged electrical housing to use as the base for their product. This solution features ample interior space for the customer's electronic circuit board. Additionally, this electrical enclosure offers an optional silicone gasket and an alternative clear cover.

Electronic Enclosures Solution Spotlight - Relocating Mounting Bosses

Learn how Polycase customers use their PC boards with our electronic enclosures even when the PC board doe not directly line up with our mounting bosses. The solution is simple and economical.

Electronic Enclosures Solution Spotlight - Revisiting the Design

Read how a Polycase customer, with the help of Polycase engineers, successfully altered the design on a project to reduce CNC machining costs on a plug-in style electronics enclosure.

Electronic Enclosures Solution Spotlight - Quick Quote

Learn how Polycase's new, easy to use Quick Quote online quoting tool streamlines the quoting process for modified electronic enclosures.