Waterproof NEMA Enclosures

Keep your internal electronic and electrical components safe with our waterproof NEMA enclosures. We offer indoor and outdoor solutions for your waterproof and weatherproof enclosure applications. Polycase waterproof enclosures are designed to meet and even exceed various NEMA and IP requirements. 

Available material options include ABS, polycarbonate, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. A variety of accessories are available for the waterproof enclosures, including pole mounting kits, internal panels & plates, cable glands, and vents. Our waterproof enclosures are ideal for industries such as alternative energy, agriculture, marine, oil & gas, food & beverage plus many more. 


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AN-11P-01AN-11F-01AN-18F-01AN-18P-01WP-20FWC-20FWA-20WC-20WP-20WA-20FAN-01P-01AN-01F-01SK-11-02AN-19F-01AN-19P-01WA-31 WC-31WP-31WA-31F WP-31FWC-31FSG-17-02SG-10-02AN Series EnclosureDiecast Aluminum EnclosureSK-25 EnclosureSK-12-02SK-13-02AN-12P-01AN-12-01AN-20FAN-20P-01SK-14-02ML-24F*15ML-24F clear coverML-44F*15ML-44F*1508WA-22FWA-23FWP-21FWP-22FWP-23F WC-21FWC-22FWC-23F
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