Hinged Electrical Enclosures

Polycase hinged electrical enclosures and junction boxes are design for harsh industrial and commercial environments. Our hinged enclosures are rated up to NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P. These enclosures offer easy access to internal components with their hinge and latch design. Plastic, steel and stainless steel enclosures are available. With a variety of styles and sizes, it’s easy to find the perfect hinged control box, project box or OEM enclosure solution.

 Plastic enclosure series comparision (click on image to enlarge):


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WH-02-01 (Indoor)WH-10-01 (Indoor)YH-060404YH-060604-01WH-06-01 (Indoor)SA-39YH-080604-01Steel Enclosures SB-30SA-30SA-40YH-100806-01YH-100804-01WH-08-01 (Indoor)WQ-57-02WH-18-01 (Indoor)stainless steel enclosures	stainless steel enclosuresSA-34hinged electrical enclosureYH-141206-01WQ-64-02SB-36SA-36stainless steel enclosuresSA-43WQ-76-02
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