Quick Quote to Customize an Enclosure

Welcome to Quick Quote, our fast and convenient self-quoting tool for CNC machining and digital printing on our enclosures. The process only takes about 90 seconds and pricing is available instantly.

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Which enclosures can be customized and quoted online?

All complete stock enclosures found on the website can be customized and quoted online. You can also quote revisions to your existing Polycase customized enclosures.

What is the difference between a new customized enclosure and a revision to an existing customized enclosure?

A revision indicates you have an existing customized part with Polycase (part #'s start J-, JG- or G-) and you need to modify the machining, printing or both. When revising an existing customized enclosure, the previous version is marked obsolete and it can no longer be ordered.

When creating a quote for a revision, please include the Polycase part number, previous custom PO number, or some other reference to help determine the Polycase part number that is being revised. Be sure to include all required machining or printing when quoting, not just the revisions.

What is a feature?

A feature consists of any size or shape through-holes, countersinks, counter-bores, recesses, bevels, taps, screw tower removals, mounting boss removals, or interior wall thinning. For example, a round hole would be 1 feature. A round hole with countersink would be 2 features (1 feature for the through hole, 1 feature for adding the countersink). Counter-bored holes and threaded holes would also be considered 2 features. Examples of common features are shown below. Non-standard features can be quoted by contacting Polycase Technical Support.

What are the one-time charges?

These charges are non-recurring charges to create custom part numbers, engineering drawings, CNC programs, and printing plates for the enclosures. The charges are applied to first time new and revised orders only.

How do I access my saved quotes?

Quotes are saved in your account for 60 days and can be accessed through the "My Account" link after logging in.

Can I edit an existing quote?

Once a quote has been saved, it cannot be edited. A new quote must be created.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, email your purchase order to sales@polycase.com. A formal purchase order must be issued since custom parts are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

What is the lead-time on customized enclosures?

Lead time is 3 weeks from the date an order is processed.

What are your machining capabilities?

Polycase can machine virtually any size or shape opening that you may require, however all drawings will be reviewed by Polycase to ensure manufacturability. All square and rectangular cutouts will typically have a minimum corner radius of 0.031" and tolerance on machined features will be +/-0.005". These may increase depending on enclosure selected and feature machined. Occasionally, certain features may not be able to be machined or will require a non-standard approach which could increase the machining price. This would be determined when the order is placed. Contact Polycase Technical Support if you have specific questions regarding a machined feature.

What are your printing capabilities?

Polycase offers full-color printing (also referred to as a 4-color process or CMYK) on most surfaces. It can be used for simple text, gradients, blended colors, color transitions, or photo-quality images. Vector based artwork (designed for CMYK color space) is required for printing. In the unlikely event a surface is not eligible for full color printing, Polycase can pad print.

What artwork is required for printing?

Vector based artwork is required. This includes, but is not limited to, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and .pdf or .eps files.

What do your ink colors look like?

Colors will be printed per your electronic artwork file. Artwork should be designed for the CMYK color space. If a PMS color value is requested, the CMYK equivalent will be printed. There may be a color shift in the process depending on the specific spot color.

Is your ink UV resistant?

The ink used in our printing process is acrylic based; UV cured, and is an ink system that is used for labels. It's not labeled as UV resistant because it reacts with, and is cured by UV light. However, the ink can be exposed to UV rays. The ink is commonly used in the sign and banner industries which endure heavy UV exposure. As with any ink, the color will fade over time. You may start to see fading in 2-3 years for typical outdoor applications and 3-5 years for typical indoor applications.

Is your ink scratch resistant?

The ink used in the digital printing process is UV cured. The adhesion / scratch resistance of the ink on the plastic is excellent. The ink cannot be scratched off of the plastic without mechanically scratching into the plastic itself. Internal cross hatch cut and tape testing resulting in no ink being pulled up after testing was completed.
Furthermore, after internal testing according to UL Standard UL 61010-1 (Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, Section 5.3, Durability of Markings), there was no observable degradation in legibility, smearing or fading of the printing after performing the test.