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Polycase plastic enclosures are an ideal solution for your electronics application. Offering a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, our enclosures are molded from flame-retardant ABS plastic.

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BT with coverBT with coverBT-3308 with coverBT with coverDC-34FDC-34PDC-44FDC-44PDC-45FDC-45PDC-46FDC-46PDC-47FDC-47PDC-58FDC-58F with gasketDC-58PDC-58P with gasketDC-85FDC-85F with gasketDC-85PDC-85P with Gasket DC-96FDC-96PID-1741FID-1741PID-2309FID-2309PID-2315FID-2315PID-2409FID-2409PID-2420FID-2420PID-3315FID-3315PID-3420FID-3420P
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