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With our advanced CNC equipment and 25+ years of experience, we can machine any size or shape cutout you need on any surface. Our professional machining process is precise and accurate with tolerances of +/- .005 inches. View acceptable machining formats here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Polycase’s machining capabilities?

Polycase can machine virtually any size or shape opening that you may require, however all drawings will be reviewed by Polycase to ensure manufacturability. All square and rectangular cutouts will typically have a minimum corner radius of 0.031" and tolerance on machined features will be +/-0.005". These may increase depending on enclosure selected and feature machined. Occasionally, certain features may not be able to be machined or will require a non-standard approach which could increase the machining price. This would be determined when the order is placed. Contact Polycase Technical Support if you have specific questions regarding a machined feature.

Does Polycase have standard machining options that I can choose from?

We can machine any size or shape holes that you needed, on any surface of the enclosure. Polycase design engineers are happy to help you with the design if you need assistance. Based on the board and connectors you use, together we will be able to determine the best locations and sizes of holes that would work for your product.

What size holes can be machined?

Because we use CNC Machines to modify the enclosures, we can machine any size or shape hole into the enclosure. Our professional CNC machining process is precise and accurate with tolerances of +/- .005 inches. We are not limited by the diameter of a drill bit from a drill press the way some modification shops are.

What shape holes does Polycase offer?

We are not limited to circles or round holes. The typical minimum radii we are able to machine is .031". For components we typically recommend sizing your cutouts to be .040" larger than the component (or .020" for round cutouts).

Can Polycase machine down the height of the enclosure?

Because the enclosure covers are created to fit tightly to the enclosure, once the base is machined down the covers will no longer fit. So this is only recommended for potting boxes or applications that do not require a cover.

Can Polycase machine down the height of the mounting bosses?

Polycase absolutely can machine down the height of the mounting bosses. Because they are typically only ¼” tall, often we find there is no need to machine them. Additionally many of our enclosures are available without the bosses.

How do I get a quote on customization?

Visit our online quote tool Quick Quote for an instant self-generated quote. Or if you would like our engineering team to provide you with the quote, you can email your drawings/artwork or a detailed written description of modifications to, quotes are typically returned within 2 business days via this method.

How long does a customized enclosure take?

The standard lead-time on customized products is 3 weeks. However, we can quote 1 week and 2 week expedites as well.

Can I expedite my order?

Both a 2 week and 1 week expedite option are available on all machined or printed parts. These fees will be listed on your quote. If you need parts sooner than 1 week contact us.

"Your engineering people did a fantastic job! The color graphics printing looked awesome and the drawings for machining cutouts were perfect. I was very pleased."

- -Bob A., 4C Energy Solutions

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