Potting Box

Polycase has 3 unique series of potting boxes for your potting needs. Our potting enclosures are molded from black flame-retardant ABS plastic with a flame rating of UL94V-0. Optional glue-on covers are available as an accessory.

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BF-010175 BF-060210 BF-150201 BF-150212 BF-150275 BX-2208BXX BX-2210BXX BX-2215BXX BX-2305BXX BX-2308BXX BX-2310BXX BX-2315BXX BX-3308BXX BX-3315BXX P-1175TX P-1218TX P-1304TX P-1521TX P-1741TX P-2215TX P-2309TX P-2315TX P-2409TX P-2420TX P-3315TX P-3420TX TF-1175TX TF-1218TX TF-1304TX TF-1521TX TF-1741TX TF-2215TX TF-2309TX TF-2315TX TF-2409TX TF-2420TX TF-3315TX TF-3420TX