Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is the difference between “F” and “P” in part numbers?

Enclosures with “F” in the description have molded on flanges for surface mounting. Enclosures with “P” in the part number do not have flanges. The BF Series are only available with mounting flanges. The TX Series part numbers with a prefix of “TF” have flanges; a “P” prefix indicates there are no mounting flanges. Our NEMA enclosure series, WA, WC and WP, have a mounting flange kit that may be purchased as an accessory.

Q - How do I punch out the knockouts on the SK Series?

Knockout instructions can be found here.

Q - Where do I find the full part numbers?

Once the product is placed in your cart, the full part number will be displayed, showing each of the options you have selected.

Q - Can I order the covers separately from the bases?

Only complete enclosures are sold on our website. The potting boxes (BF, BX, and TX series) are sold without covers. The covers for these 3 series can be found under the "Accessories" category on the home page. Contact us to determine if you can purchase a cover or base separately from any other Polycase series.

Q- How do I secure the potting box covers?

A popular solution is a process known as solvent bonding, using compounds such as acetone or MEK. The solvent is placed on both surfaces of the parts to be bonded (the outer ridge of the potting box and the inside of the cover). This softens each of the surfaces and causes them to swell. Then, by applying pressure to the two parts and allowing the solvents to evaporate, the two surfaces are permanently bonded. A simpler method is to use Super Glue or any sort of ABS or plastic cement.

Q - Do you sell screws to mount my PCB?

Most of our enclosures include molded in PCB mounting bosses. Polycase sells PCB mounting boss screws for $3.68 per bag of 100. The KT Series and each of the FB series secure the board between standoffs when the enclosure is closed; no screws are needed. The potting box series can be filled with potting compound to secure the board. On select potting box sizes, there are also mounting bosses.

The WH Series require screw sizes that Polycase does not sell.

Indoor version: Plastic bosses for M5 x 10mm long self-tapping screw
Outdoor versions: Bosses with inserts for M5 x 0.8 x 8mm long machine screw

All other sizes:
Indoor version: Plastic bosses for M4 x 10mm long self-tapping screw

Outdoor versions: Bosses with inserts for M4 x 0.7 x 8mm long machine screw

Q - Do your enclosures come with the assembly screws?

All enclosure screws are included with screw-on covers. If you need additional enclosure screws, contact customer service. If you are looking for the ¼” mounting boss screws to secure your board, click here.

Q - Does Polycase offer battery contacts in the VM-Series enclosures for parallel wiring?

Polycase does not supply contacts to wire the VM-Series enclosure batteries In-Parallel. Our contacts are for In-Series. Listed below are part numbers of battery contacts that you can look at to wire the batteries in parallel. You can purchase the contacts from a distributor such as Allied Electronics -

Battery contact manufacturer: Keystone Electronics

part numbers:
5228 dual spring contact
5227 dual button contact
5221 single button contact
5222 single spring contact


Q - Do you offer rubber bumpers for your enclosures?

Rubber bumpers for the enclosures are commonly available; however Polycase does not offer them. Listed below are a couple of sources as web links. When selecting a bumper, choose one where the diameter is slightly smaller than the recessed indentation that you are putting them in. If you have a 0.50" diameter indentation, you could go with a 0.50" diameter bumper, but you will have to line up the bumper perfectly with the indentation when adhering it. It is recommended to go with a size that is a little smaller than 0.500" to speed up the assembly process.

Q - What is the PMS color of Polycase gray & bone enclosures?

Polycase’s bone and gray colors are not made to a specific PMS color, or any other color standard. They are color matched to a previous proprietary resin color. Based on a visual comparison to a printed PMS booklet, bone is most similar to PMS 7534 and gray is most similar to PMS Cool Gray 6. Note we recommend referencing these values for graphical design purposes only. These values should not be used if a color match is required for any other components.

Q - What is the temperature range on your products?

Polycase enclosures are available in either aluminum, steel, ABS plastic or Polycarbonate plastic. In general, plastic enclosures will have a reduced recommended operating temperature compared to aluminum and steel. Their properties will change at both low and high temperatures and may no longer be stable. Generally, ABS will have useful characteristics within a temperature range from −20 to 80 °C (−4 to 176 °F), whereas Polycarbonate’s temperature range is from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F). However, components of the enclosure (such as a gasket) can still affect the ranges in which the enclosure can operate. Please refer to the ratings (and materials tab) on the product pages for specific details.

Q - I'm having difficulty placing the cover onto the base. Are my boxes defective?

There is some bowing that can occur on the walls of the enclosures. This happens as the box cools, after being removed from the molding tool. This is inherent to the design and not considered a defect.

There is a technique that can help you assemble the covers onto the bases. When putting the cover on, put one corner on first and push the cover towards that corner, then press down. This will allow the cover to be easily pressed into place before screwing down.

Q - What is the convex shaped arc visible on the base of my enclosure?

If you are seeing a convex shaped arc that appears about 1/2" from the bottom of the base, we refer to this as "sunshine." The sunshine does not deform or alter the shape of the box. It is simply an aesthetic characteristic resulting for the design of the box and how the material flows in the mold. While it can vary slightly from run to run, "sunshine" is typical on each part.

Q - What is the recommended torque on your screws?

The recommended torque on our enclosure screws can be found here.

Ratings and Compliance

Q - Are your parts RoHS Compliant?

Yes, our parts have been RoHS Compliant since February 2006. RoHS certification can be found here.

Q - Are your parts REACH compliant?

Please refer to our REACH statement here.

Q - Are your enclosures plenum rated?

Our enclosures are not plenum rated.

Q - Are your enclosures NEMA rated?

Please see NEMA ratings chart below. UL & NEMA Ratings are based on independent lab testing by UL and/or information available from the manufacturer.

Q - Are your enclosures IP rated?

All of Polycase enclosures can be rated IP40, assuming the covers are properly secured. We have several series meeting higher IP ratings per the below chart. Most Polycase IP Ratings are based on the NEMA 250 to IEC60529 conversion table published by NEMA Enclosure Types exceed the requirements for the respective IEC 60529 designation. 

IEC 60529 specifies that an enclosure designated with the stated degree of protection indicated by the first characteristic numeral (IPXX) also complies with all lower degrees of protection. An enclosure designated with a degree of protection indicated by the second characteristic numeral (IPXX) also complies with all lower degrees of protection up to and including the second characteristic numeral 6. An enclosure designated with a second characteristic numeral 7 or 8 is not suitable for water jets (5 or 6) unless it was tested for water jets and is dual coded.



Q - What is your return policy?

Contact your CSR to receive an authorized RMA number to return the product. You will be asked for a description of why you are returning the product, PO or invoice number, and total number of parts to be returned. Below are the guidelines for returning product.

Stock parts:
All parts must be returned within 30 days. Polycase will offer credit for parts passing inspection only. No credit can be given for freight. A re-stocking fee of $40 or 20%, whichever is greater, will be charged.

Modified parts:
No returns accepted. Any customized product is non-refundable, non-cancelable.

*The SA Series (all sizes), WQ-76, WQ-80, SB-52 and SB-54 enclosures are non-returnable*

All shipments should be inspected upon receipt. If parts are defective or modified incorrectly, Polycase must be notified within 6 months of the shipment. As storage conditions may affect part quality, no parts will be refunded after 6 months.

Q - What is your shipping policy?

Unless specified otherwise, all orders will ship via UPS Prepay and Add. Actual freight is calculated based on product weight and will be added at checkout. During checkout, an expedited method of shipping may be selected. If you would prefer to ship an order on your own UPS or FedEx account number, it must be provided during checkout. All parts in-stock will ship within 1 business day. In the event a part is not in stock, Polycase will contact you regarding a ship date. Please note that UPS does not deliver to a P.O. Box.

Any error in the address that results in a back-charge from UPS is the responsibility of the customer. Polycase will charge these fees back to the customer once we are notified by the carrier. Fees will be charged to the same credit card used on the original order.

Custom duties and taxes (non-U.S. destinations)

Your local government may impose import duties and/or VAT (Value Added Taxes) on shipments from outside your country. These charges are separate from Polycase's charges and are beyond our control or ability to predict. These charges (if any) are made payable to your government.

Q - Will Polycase respond to supplier survey requests?

Polycase manufactures and distributes a proprietary line of off-the-shelf enclosures and accessories for use across various industries. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, we cannot respond to individual customer supplier surveys/ new vendor forms. However, we are providing you a company profile that includes commonly requested information. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Q - How do I order customized product?

Currently, customized parts must be ordered in writing, from your Customer Service Representative. You can email the order to your CSR or contact Polycase directly. Prepayment is required for most customized product. Customized parts are non-cancelable, non-returnable.

Q - What forms of payment do you accept?

A credit card is required for all online purchases. Phone or email orders can be paid for with credit card, check or wire transfer in advance of shipment, or Net 30 with approved credit. To apply for Net 30 terms, contact your CSR.

Q - Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship international orders every day. With the exception of PO Boxes, Polycase has no restrictions on where the parts can ship. Please note, international shipping rates do not include applicable taxes, customs or broker fees. These are the sole responsibility of the customer. We will ship UPS Worldwide Expedited unless you specify a different method. If you would prefer to ship an order on your own UPS or FedEx account number, it must be provided during checkout. Estimated ship times are based on available flight options and may vary based on weather conditions and remote locations.

Q - What happens if I enter an incorrect or incomplete shipping address?

Any error in the address that results in a back-charge from UPS is the responsibility of the customer. Polycase will charge these fees back to the customer once we are notified by the carrier. Fees will be charged to the same credit card used on the original order.


Q - I need a size product I don’t see on your website. Can I get a custom product molded?

To create a new product (even something similar to our current product) would require creating a custom mold, which is expensive and time consuming. We do not offer this type of service. However, almost all our products can be customized to meet your needs. We’d be happy to customize any enclosure on our website, in terms of machining cutouts, printing graphics, and, in some instances, even cutting down the height of the enclosure. To get a customization quote, visit our Quick Quote tool at

Q - I’d like the mounting bosses in a specific location. Is this possible?

The mounting bosses are built directly into the mold. While we cannot change the mold, we can supply the cases without bosses or machine the bosses out. Then we would machine countersunk holes in the locations that the bosses are needed. You would then fasten stand-offs to the enclosure with countersunk screws in the machines holes. Then your PCB can be screwed to the top side of the stand-offs inside the enclosures.

Q - How do I get a quote on customization?

Try our online quoting tool, Quick Quote, for an instant self-generated quote. Get started here: Quick Quote Or if you would like our engineering team to provide you with the quote, you can email your drawing(s) or written description of modifications to, quotes are typically returned within 2 business days via this method.

Q - How long does a customized product take?

The standard current lead-time on customized products is 3 weeks from the date we receive the order, drawings and prepayment or credit card. However, we can quote 1 week and 2 week expedites as well.

Q - Can I expedite my order?

Expedite fees range based on quanity but we can quote both a 1 week or 2 week turn around for you (expedite fees will be listed on your quote also).

Q - I am a CM and would like to order my customer’s customized product. What information do you need?

Polycase values and protects our customers’ privacy. Part of this is protecting our customers’ custom products. In order to purchase a custom product on behalf of your customer, have your customer provide you with the Polycase custom part number, quote number or Polycase drawings. Or your customer can contact us directly to let us know who will be purchasing the product going forward, and to confirm we have their permission to sell this product.

Q - Do you have standard machining options that I can choose from?

Because each application is unique we do not have a standard machining option. We can machine any size or shape holes that you needed, on any surface of the enclosure. Polycase design engineers are happy to help you with the design if you need assistance. Based on the board and connectors you use, together we will be able to determine the best locations and sizes of holes that would work for your product.

Q - What are your printing capabilities?

Polycase offers full-color printing (also referred to as a 4-color process or CMYK) on most surfaces. It can be used for simple text, gradients, blended colors, color transitions, or photo-quality images. Vector based artwork (designed for the CMYK color space) is required for printing. In the unlikely event a surface is not eligible for full-color printing, Polycase can pad print.

Q - What artwork is required for printing?

Vector based artwork is required. This includes, but is not limited to, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and .pdf or .eps files.

Colors will be printed per your electronic artwork file. Artwork should be designed for the CMYK color space. If a PMS color value is requested, the CMYK equivalent will be printed. There may be a color shift in the process depending on the specific spot color. Black, red, and white are the available colors for keypad printing.

Q - Is your ink UV resistant?

The ink used in our printing process is acrylic based; UV cured, and is an ink system that is used for labels. It's not labeled as UV resistant because it reacts with, and is cured by UV light. However, the ink can be exposed to UV rays. The ink is commonly used in the sign and banner industries which endure heavy UV exposure. As with any ink, the color will fade over time. You may start to see fading in 2-3 years for typical outdoor applications and 3-5 years for typical indoor applications.

Q - Is your ink scratch resistant?

The ink used in the digital printing process is UV cured. The adhesion / scratch resistance of the ink on the plastic is excellent. The ink cannot be scratched off of the plastic without mechanically scratching into the plastic itself. Internal cross hatch cut and tape testing resulting in no ink being pulled up after testing was completed.

Furthermore, after internal testing according to UL Standard UL 61010-1 (Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use, Section 5.3, Durability of Markings), there was no observable degradation in legibility, smearing or fading of the printing after performing the test.

Q - What size holes can you machine?

Because we use CNC Machines to modify the enclosures, we can machine any size or shape hole into the enclosure. Our professional CNC machining process is precise and accurate with tolerances of +/- .005 inches. We are not limited by the diameter of a drill bit from a drill press the way some modification shops are.

Q - What shape holes do you offer?

Because we use CNC Machines to modify the enclosures, we can machine any size or shape hole into the enclosure. We are not limited to circles or round holes the way some modification shops are, when using a drill press to modify the enclosure. The typical minimum radii we are able to machine is .031". For components we typically recommend sizing your cutouts to be .040" larger than the component (or .020" for round cutouts).

Q - Can you machine down the height of the enclosure?

Depending on your application we can machine down the height of the box only. Because the covers are created to fit tightly to the enclosure, once the sides are machined the covers will no longer fit. This will work for potting boxes or applications that do not require a cover.

Q - Can you machine down the height of the mounting bosses?

Polycase absolutely can machine down the height of the mounting bosses. Because they are only ¼” tall, often we find there is no need to machine them. Additionally many of our enclosures are available with or without the bosses.

Q - Can Polycase enclosures be chrome plated?

Polycase uses flame-retardant plastic material for all of our electronic enclosures. Due to the flame-retardant additive in the material, the plating can be spotty and inconsistent. Along with being a relatively expensive addition, the inconsistency renders the plating potentially useless. Therefore, chrome-plating is possible, but not recommended. Read more about this on our blog.