Instant Quote

Instant Quote

Almost all stock enclosures found on the website can be customized and quoted online. You can also quote revisions to your existing Polycase customized enclosures.

The only enclosures we do not offer customization services on are the SA Series stainless steel enclosures, certain sizes of the SB Series steel enclosures and certain sizes of the WQ series enclosures. If the enclosure does not show up in Instant Quote, then we do not customize that specific size.

A revision indicates you have an existing customized part with Polycase (part #'s start J-, JG- or G-) and you need to modify the machining, printing or both for a next generation or new version of the old enclosure. When revising an existing customized enclosure, the previous version is marked obsolete and it can no longer be ordered.

A new customized enclosure is a brand new project that has not been ordered before.

A feature consists of any size or shape through-holes, countersinks, counter-bores, recesses, bevels, taps, screw tower removals, mounting boss removals, or interior wall thinning. For example, a round hole would be 1 feature. A round hole with countersink would be 2 features (1 feature for the through hole, 1 feature for adding the countersink). Counterbored holes and threaded holes would also be considered 2 features. Examples of common features are shown below. Non-standard features can be quoted by contacting Polycase Technical Support.

Common features

These are non-recurring charges on your first order for a new or revised project to set-up and create your new customized part (i.e. create custom part numbers, engineering drawings, CNC programs, digital artwork files and printing plates for the enclosures). The charges are applied to first time new and revised orders only.

Quotes are saved in your account they can be accessed through the "My Quotes & Custom Parts" link in the "My Account" section after logging in.

Yes, a quote can be edited at any time prior to ordering. Once ordered, it is no longer editable.