ZH-040404 Hinged NEMA Enclosure

4.40 x 4.40 x 4.33 in / 112 x 112 x 110 mm / 1.24 lbs
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  • UL & cUL Listed (File E352997)
  • NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3X, 3RX, 3S, 3SX, 4, 4X, 5, 6*, 6P*, 12 & 13 rated
  • Meets IP65, IP66, IP67* & IP68* specifications based on NEMA/UL Type rating conversion
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate 
  • Designed for outdoor use: weatherproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Hinged cover with stainless steel hardware 
  • Optional tamper-resistant cover screws
  • Stainless steel latch with area for padlock 
  • Continuous gasket paired with a thick and tall rib for a watertight seal 
  • No parting line on rib (reduces sharp edges that could compromise gasket)
  • Modular mounting bosses in base for panel and DIN rail mounting
  • Additional mounting bosses at top of base and inside the cover
  • Strengthening webbing design on flanges and feet for added durability
  • Keyhole mount on flanges for versatile surface-mounting
  • Multi-directional foot kit allows for horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Made in the USA

*IP67/IP68 & NEMA 6/6P rated only when using screw close configuration

Rating Latch Screw Close
Part ZH-040404-01, ZH-040404-02, ZH-040404-05, ZH-040404-06 ZH-040404-03, ZH-040404-04, ZH-040404-07, ZH-040404-08, ZH-040404-33, ZH-040404-34, ZH-040404-37, ZH-040404-38
Flame rating UL94 V-0, UL746C 5VA UL94 V-0, UL746C 5VA
NEMA Rating 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3RX, 3S, 3SX, 3X, 4, 4X, 5, 12, 13 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3RX, 3S, 3SX, 3X, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P, 12, 13
IP Equivalent IP65, IP66 IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
*IP67/IP68 & NEMA 6/6P rated only when using screw close configuration
Color Cover Assembly Mounting Style
Part # Gray Gray with Clear Cover Stainless Steel Latch Screw Close Screw Close - Tamper-Resistant Mounting Feet Mounting Flange

Internal Mounting Panel

  • 4 different internal panel mounting kits (for various mounting options) - ZX-0404K

Pole Mount Kits (PK orientation reference)

  • Pole mounting kit installed along length or width - PK-088

DIN Rail Kits (DR orientation reference)

  • DIN Rail kit installed along length or width - DR-50

PCB Mounting Boss Screws (ZH mounting boss reference)

  • PCB mounting boss screws (corner bosses with brass inserts) - SCREWS-011-100
  • PCB mounting boss screws (plastic bosses) - SCREWS-013-100
  • PCB mounting boss screws (top of base and cover bosses) - SCREWS-MBR-100

Other Optional Accessories


Spare Parts (Included In Standard Configurations)

Models, Drawings, Material Specs and Other Files

3D Model ZH-040404 STEP
2D Drawing ZH-040404 DWG
2D Drawing ZH-040404 PDF
outdoor enclosure with graphics and cutouts

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