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Waterproof Enclosures & Boxes

Waterproof enclosures ensure internal electrical and electronic components are protected in any environment. Durability guaranteed, waterproof boxes and weatherproof enclosures are specifically designed to meet and exceed various NEMA and IP requirements, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. From smaller waterproof boxes for electronics to large weatherproof electrical enclosures, we offer a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to choose from. 

With a watertight gasket, sealed enclosures are guaranteed to keep electronic and electrical equipment safe in wet conditions. Most watertight enclosure models are also dust-tight, providing near-total protection from inclement weather, and some offer resistance to other environmental hazards such as corrosion and/or submersion. 

Waterproof electrical boxes are available in polycarbonate plastic, aluminum, and steel varieties and are common in industries such as alternative energy, agriculture, oil and gas, food and beverage, marine, and more.

We offer a variety of waterproof NEMA accessories to ensure final products maintain NEMA and IP ratings. Read more below for key information that will help you choose the best weatherproof box for your needs.

Applications of Waterproof Enclosures

Waterproof enclosures fulfill a wide range of purposes. They can guard sensitive electronic equipment, or they might serve as electrical outlet boxes or electrical junction boxes in harsh environments. Many are designed to work as either indoor or outdoor electrical boxes, with features that allow them to excel in either role. Anywhere that water hazards such as wet weather or hose spray threaten electrical and electronic equipment, waterproof enclosures are must-haves.

Whether you’re using them to house receptacles, control panels, circuit breakers, or another type of equipment, it’s critical to select waterproof enclosures that meet your needs. First, determine the protective requirements of your specific outdoor application. Outdoor outlets have different needs from electronics on a factory floor, which have different needs from high voltage switchgear. Some might be in a sheltered area and only need protection from light precipitation, while others might require full NEMA 6P submersion resistance.

Get familiar with the NEMA and IP rating scales, to understand the level of protection your enclosure needs. It’s also important to learn about the differences between the types of electronic enclosure materials to help select the best option for your project. Finally, note any relevant industry-specific guidance, such as best practices for selecting outdoor telecom equipment enclosures.

Weatherproof Electrical Boxes from Polycase

Waterproof junction boxes and electronics enclosures are key to the value that Polycase offers. Our customers depend on us for enclosure boxes that perform under stress and offer the features that make a difference, such as:

  • Heavy-duty materials like polycarbonate, diecast aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Silicone rubber gasket seals and weatherproof covers for excellent protection against dust and liquids
  • NEMA- and IP-rated, UL Listed enclosures
  • Available with NEMA 4X corrosion resistance and NEMA 6P submersion resistance
  • Specialty enclosures available, such as enclosures with hinged covers or with built-in knockouts for connectors
  • Quick and easy customization through our custom CNC machining and digital printing services, with instant quotes and fast turnaround times

We make it easy to find all of the waterproof electrical enclosures you need in one place. Shop our selection of weatherproof boxes here, using the filtering tools in the sidebar to find the features, materials, and sizes that match your application’s requirements.

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  1. WA-41
    As low as $21.66 per unit
    9.45 x 6.30 x 4.72 in.
    240 x 160 x 120 mm.
    Material: ABS
  2. WC-44
    As low as $73.90 per unit
    14.12 x 7.84 x 5.96 in.
    359 x 199 x 151 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  3. ZQ-100802
    As low as $42.62 per unit
    10.40 x 8.40 x 3.72 in.
    264 x 213 x 94 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  4. SB-35
    As low as $86.33 per unit
    15.75 x 11.81 x 5.91 in.
    400 x 300 x 150 mm.
    Material: Steel
  5. WQ-38
    As low as $14.65 per unit
    5.92 x 3.94 x 3.43 in.
    150 x 100 x 87 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  6. ZH-121006
    As low as $54.04 per unit
    12.60 x 10.60 x 7.22 in.
    320 x 269 x 183 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  7. SK-20
    As low as $42.10 per unit
    10.00 x 7.09 x 2.48 in.
    254 x 180 x 63 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  8. SK-29
    As low as $26.96 per unit
    7.09 x 4.33 x 3.45 in.
    180 x 110 x 88 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  9. WA-25F
    As low as $14.46 per unit
    8.74 x 5.75 x 2.17 in.
    222 x 146 x 55 mm.
    Material: ABS
  10. ZQ-060404
    As low as $33.12 per unit
    6.40 x 4.40 x 4.33 in.
    163 x 112 x 110 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  11. WQ-66
    As low as $52.36 per unit
    11.81 x 11.81 x 7.15 in.
    300 x 300 x 182 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  12. outdoor electrical enclosure


    Available with a wide range of options and accessories to suit your application

  13. WQ-77
    As low as $124.62 per unit
    23.70 x 15.75 x 7.17 in.
    602 x 400 x 182 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  14. SK-30
    As low as $125.08 per unit
    14.21 x 10.00 x 6.39 in.
    361 x 254 x 162 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  15. ZH-080604
    As low as $42.06 per unit
    8.40 x 6.40 x 5.22 in.
    213 x 163 x 133 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  16. WA-24F
    As low as $11.37 per unit
    6.73 x 4.76 x 2.17 in.
    171 x 121 x 55 mm.
    Material: ABS
  17. WQ-68
    As low as $68.88 per unit
    15.69 x 11.78 x 6.10 in.
    399 x 299 x 155 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  18. WA-35
    As low as $22.99 per unit
    10.43 x 7.28 x 3.74 in.
    265 x 185 x 95 mm.
    Material: ABS
  19. WQ-62
    As low as $49.16 per unit
    13.78 x 9.84 x 7.24 in.
    350 x 250 x 184 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  20. WC-37F
    As low as $15.02 per unit
    4.72 x 4.72 x 3.53 in.
    120 x 120 x 90 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  21. WA-42
    As low as $33.32 per unit
    11.81 x 9.05 x 3.40 in.
    300 x 230 x 86 mm.
    Material: ABS
  22. WP-39
    As low as $19.73 per unit
    6.30 x 6.30 x 3.52 in.
    160 x 160 x 89 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  23. WP-40
    As low as $23.55 per unit
    9.45 x 6.30 x 3.60 in.
    240 x 160 x 91 mm.
    Material: Polycarbonate
  24. outdoor electrical enclosure


    Available with a wide range of options and accessories to suit your application


315 Items

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