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WH Series Panels Press Release

Press Release

Polycase Introduces Internal Mounting Panels for WH Series NEMA 4X Hinged Electrical Enclosures  

New Mounting Option Ensures Boxes' Waterproof Integrity Is Maintained

Avon, Ohio, March 15, 2013- Polycase announces the release of internal mounting panels for the WH Series of NEMA 4X plastic enclosures. The 0.06 inch thick aluminum panels attach directly to mounting bosses inside the base of these enclosures using included screws. These optional panels allow electrical engineers to mount hardware inside the enclosure without puncturing the exterior, so that the NEMA 4X rating is not compromised on the box.

With extensive experience in CNC machining, Polycase modifies the mounting panels with cutouts, including threaded holes, per customer specifications. Using the online quick quote tool, customers can quickly and easily self-generate pricing for cutouts and/or printing on all Polycase products.

The WH Series is designed to meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, and 4X specifications and IP66 of IEC529 requirements. The hinged cover allows for hassle-free access to internal components and the gasketed design makes the outdoor-use electrical enclosures ideal for use in a wide range of adverse conditions such as wet, dirty and/or corrosive environments.

Competitively priced as low as $5.94 per enclosure, there are currently 5 sizes of the enclosures available. Ranging from 5.11 x 3.93 x 2.75 inches to 11.81 x 7.87 x 6.29 inches, there are 3 versions offered for each size:

  • Gray ABS plastic enclosure for indoor use
  • Gray PC/PBT blended plastic enclosure for outdoor use
  • Gray PC/PBT blended plastic base with a clear PC cover for outdoor use

The outdoor use enclosures are UL508-4x Listed. The WH Series enclosures consist of an all-plastic double latch design, molded-in padlocking feature, and include a stainless steel surface-mounting flange kit.


About Polycase:

Polycase has been providing packaging solutions to the electronics industry since 1951.  Polycase continues to grow and innovate, expanding their product line and services to anticipate electronics designers' needs. The company offers over 2100 variations of enclosures from simple potting boxes to heavy-duty industrial NEMA rated electronic enclosures.  For more information on Polycase, contact [email protected] or visit

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