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New White Color Option for SN Series Press Release

Press Release


December 20, 2022 - Avon, OH - Introducing the new white SN Series snap-together enclosures from Polycase, a leading manufacturer of electronics enclosures in the US! These innovative cases offer a quick and convenient solution for electronics projects and are available in 12 sizes to accommodate a range of small PCBs.

Made from flame-retardant ABS plastic, these enclosures are perfect for those seeking metal-free applications or an easy way to access the interior of the enclosure without tools. The screw-free, all-plastic design allows for quick assembly, making it a great choice for a wide range of electronics projects.

The SN Series features standard molded-on flanges and PCB mounting bosses, as well as pre-formed cable notches that can be easily removed for wire or cable entry. Plus, Polycase offers customization services, including the ability to add additional cutouts or digital printing to your enclosure.

Don't miss out on this new color offering from Polycase – order your snap-together enclosures today!

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