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Pole Mounting Kits for Steel Press Release

Pole Mounting Kit for Steel Enclosures Press Release


April 27, 2020 - Avon OH –Polycase, a leading manufacturer of electronics enclosures, has expanded its line of pole mounting kits to include options for their NEMA-rated steel enclosures and stainless steel enclosures. The pole mount kits feature durable stainless steel bands that adjust up to a 12” diameter, Unistrut® brand strut channel, and stainless steel hardware. Designed for outdoor use, the pole mounting kits are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant.

The pole mount kits are available to assemble either horizontally or vertically on the steel enclosures, giving you versatility in your pole-mounted enclosure application. In addition to the steel enclosures, pole mounting kits are also available for Polycase plastic and aluminum enclosures. The pole mount kits and enclosures can be purchased directly from Polycase.

About Polycase:

Polycase is a premier manufacturer of plastic enclosures, serving the electronics industry for over 65 years. Polycase continues to grow and innovate, expanding its product line and services to anticipate electronics designers' needs. The company offers over 2500 variations of enclosures from simple potting boxes for electronics to heavy-duty NEMA electrical enclosures.

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