Flanged enclosures from Polycase are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. These enclosures have been designed with a molded on flanged for applications requiring surface or wall mounting.

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Diecast Aluminum Enclosure BF-010175 BF-060210 BF-150201 BF-150212 BF-150275 BT with cover BT with cover BT-3308 with cover BT with cover BX-2208BXX BX-2210BXX BX-2215BXX BX-2305BXX BX-2308BXX BX-2310BXX BX-2315BXX BX-3308BXX BX-3315BXX DC-34F DC-44F DC-45F DC-46F DC-47F DC-58F DC-58F with gasket DC-85F DC-85F with gasket DC-96F HD-35FMMT HD-44FMMT HD-45FMMT ID-1741F ID-2309F ID-2315F
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