ZX-1414K Internal Mounting Panels

13.64 x 13.64 x 0.06 in / 346 x 346 x 2 mm
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  • Aluminum internal mounting panel for ZH-141406 and ZQ-141406 enclosures
  • 4 different panel kits are available
  • Standard panel kit - Part # ZX-1414K-01 
    • Mounts to 4 standard mounting bosses in the bottom of the base of the enclosure
    • Kit includes 1 standard panel and 4 screws
  • Hinged panel kit - Part # ZX-1414K-02
    • Allows panel to be assembled at any depth within the base and swing open for easy access to internal components
    • Includes 1 specially cut panel which allows it to swing open, suspension kit and hardware
  • Top of base or cover panel kit - Part # ZX-1414K-03
    • Same kit can be used to mount a panel in the cover or at the top of the base of the enclosure
    • Kit includes panel and screws for the cover or top of base mounting bosses
  • Suspension panel kit - Part # ZX-1414K-04 
    • Allows panel to be suspended at any depth within the base
    • Includes a standard panel, suspension kit and hardware
Panel Mounting Kit Type
Part # Standard Hinged Top of Base or Cover Suspension

Models, Drawings, Material Specs and Other Files

3D Model ZX-1414K STEP
2D Drawing ZX-1414K DWG
2D Drawing ZX-1414K PDF
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