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10" Flange Mount Kit for ZH/ZQ Enclosures

External Dimensions 9.50 x 3.00 x 0.50 in
In stock
Color Gray
Qty Price / Unit
1 - 9 $12.44
10 - 49 $11.82
50 - 99 $11.23
100 - 249 $10.79
250 - 499 $10.34
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Product Overview
The ZH-10FK flange kit is compatible with the ZH-121006, ZQ-121006, ZH-121004, ZQ-121004, ZH-101006 and ZQ-101006 enclosures and offers strengthening gussets to create added durability for surface mounted applications. The kit includes (2) 10" polycarbonate flanges and (4) screws for easy installation.
Specifications for
Approximate External Dimensions Hover me Nominal external dimensions (LxWxH). Features (flanges, feet, bosses, etc.) may increase the overall dimensions. Refer to drawings/models for exact dimensional details.
9.50 x 3.00 x 0.50 in
241 x 76 x 13 mm
Weight 0.44 lbs
Material Details
Mounting Flange Polycarbonate
Assembly Screws Stainless steel
Application Outdoor use
Color Gray
Country of Origin United States United States
Manufacturer Polycase
Out-Of-Stock Lead Time Hover me We strive to keep adequate stock on hand for all parts. If we do happen to be out of stock, this is the anticipated lead time if the part is not in stock in our Avon warehouse. 1 week
Assembly Details
Assembly Includes Hover me Most components require assembly upon delivery. 2 flanges and 4 screws

Enclosure Guide

Compatible Enclosures
ZH Series NEMA Hinged Enclosures ZH-101006 , ZH-121004 , ZH-121006
ZQ Series NEMA Enclosures ZQ-101006 , ZQ-121004 , ZQ-121006

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