External Dimensions 9.75 x 9.75 x 0.06 in
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Product Overview
The ZX-1010K aluminum internal mounting panel is designed for ZH-101006 and ZQ-101006 enclosures, and has 4 different options available. The standard panel kit (Part # ZX-1010K-01) mounts to 4 standard mounting bosses in the bottom of the enclosure base. The hinged panel kit (Part # ZX-1010K-02) allows for assembly at any depth within the base while also providing the advantage of being able to swing open for easy access to internal components. The top of base or cover panel kit (Part # ZX-1010K-03) serves dual purposes for mounting in the cover or at the top of the base. The suspension panel kit (Part # ZX-1010K-04) allows the panel to be suspended at any depth within the base - unlike the hinged panel configuration, the suspension panel is designed to be stationary rather than swing open.
Specifications for
External Dimensions (in) Hover me Nominal external dimensions (LxWxH). Features (flanges, feet, bosses, etc.) may increase the overall dimensions. Refer to drawings/models for exact dimensional details.
External Dimensions (mm)
Internal Dimensions (in) Hover me Nominal internal dimensions (LxWxH). Features (screw towers, mounting bosses, corner radii, wall draft, etc.) may impact the overall dimensions. Refer to drawings/models for exact dimensional details.
Internal Dimensions (mm)
Wall Thickness Hover me Nominal wall thickness. Wall thickness may vary throughout the enclosure. Refer to drawings/models for exact details.
DIN Rail Length (mm)
Screw Size
Fan Size
Fits Hole Size
Mounting Thread
Cable Diameter (in)
Clearance Hole Diameter (in.)
Max Wall Thickness Hover me Max wall thickness based on full thread engagement into the nut supplied with cable gland.
Metric Knockouts
2d Drawing PDF
Material Details
Download Material Specs
Product Material
End Panel
End Cap
Mounting Flange
Mounting Feet
Din Clip
DIN Rail
Temp. Range Impact / Vibration
Temp. Range Static
Strut Channel
Hose Clamp
Button Keypad
Battery Door
Assembly Screws
UV Resistant
EMI/RFI Attenuation
Country of Origin
Screw Type
Screw Use
Assembly Details
Assembly Includes Hover me Most components require assembly upon delivery.
Cover Assembly
Cover Style
Base Style
Screw Torque
Lock Nut Torque
Sealing Nut Torque
External Mounting Style
Internal Mounting Option
Number of Buttons
Number of Prongs
Anchoring Screw Tab
Battery Compartment
Receptacle Holes
UL & cUL File Number
NEMA Rating Hover me NEMA Ratings are based on independent lab testing by UL and/or information available from the manufacturer.
IP Equivalent Hover me Polycase IP Equivalents are based on the NEMA 250 to IEC 60529 conversion table published by
IP Rating Hover me IP Ratings are based on independent lab testing and/or information available from the manufacturer.
Flame Rating
Impact Rating
Insulation Voltage
Protection Class
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Models & Drawings
3D Model ZX-1010K STEP
2D Drawing DWG ZX-1010K DWG
2D Drawing PDF ZX-1010K PDF
Panel Assembly Instructions ZX-xK-02 & ZX-xK-04 Panel Assembly

Enclosure Guide

Compatible Enclosures
ZH Series NEMA Hinged Enclosures ZH-101006
ZQ Series NEMA Enclosures ZQ-101006

Part Numbers

Panel Mounting Kit Type
Part #StandardHingedTop of Base or CoverSuspension
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