Dust Proof Enclosures: Benefits of Polycase’s WA Series Indoor Enclosures

It’s a dusty, dirty world out there. All around us, every day, billions of tiny particles of who-knows-what are circulating throughout the air—even in indoor environments that you might think would be safer. If you’re not careful, those particles can end up fouling your sensitive electronic equipment. We think it’s safe to say that that’s not what you want.

Enter the WA Series of NEMA rated dust proof enclosures. These enclosures are specially designed to offer the perfect balance of features. From material to design to functionality, the WA Series takes electrical enclosures to a new level of efficiency at a cost-effective price point.

Curious about how we do it? Here are four key features that make the WA Series what it is:

Polycase WA-20F

Polycase WA-20F


1. Durable ABS Plastic Construction


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, better known as ABS plastic, is used to create everything from suitcases to consumer electronics. It’s also one of the best materials for indoor enclosures thanks to its exceptional balance of durability and cost—which is why it’s used to make the WA Series enclosures. Major features of ABS plastic include:

  • Cost-effective to produce and work with
  • Tough and durable with exceptional impact resistance
  • High flame rating and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to oil, grease and water

These features make ABS plastic the perfect choice for the WA Series, one of our most versatile and cost-conscious waterproof and dust proof offerings.


2. UL Listed Performance


You’re probably familiar with NEMA ratings, the system that establishes an enclosure’s performance specs against different kinds of environmental hazards. But it’s important to know when you’re comparing options that NEMA ratings are voluntary, and only an enclosure that’s UL listed is truly certified to meet waterproof specifications.

A UL listing means the product has been tested by the experts at Underwriters Laboratories, the world’s foremost experts on materials performance and safety. The Polycase WA Series has achieved UL listing to Type 4X, Type 12 and Type 13 specifications.

That means that the WA Series offers protection against not just dust and dirt, but a wide range of threats that can damage electrical equipment. They’re certified to protect against:

  • Airborne dust and dirt particles
  • Splashing water, up to and including hose directed wash-downs
  • Precipitation hazards like rain, snow and sleet
  • Ice forming on the outside of the enclosure
  • Corrosion hazards such as salt water spray

These protective qualities make the WA Series suitable for indoor use in everything from offices to factory floors—exactly the kind of versatility that our customers expect from Polycase.


3. Flame Retardant Design


Flame retardant enclosures to protect sensitive equipment are something many of today’s businesses are actively seeking, and the WA Series offers solid performance here as well. The WA Series is constructed from ABS plastic that has a UL-94 HB flame rating, meaning that it burns slowly in a horizontal burn test, which provides extra time that’s critical for extinguishing a fire. To learn more about the performance a UL-94 HB rating offers, read more about the UL-94 tests and classifications.

Polycase WA-24

Polycase WA-24


4. Customization Available


It’s always a challenge finding the time for everything on your list, which is why Polycase is happy to be a one-stop-shop for your enclosure needs. We offer both machining and digital printing specified to your requirements on almost all our enclosure solutions, including the WA Series! Having Polycase customize your enclosure saves you time and money. Receive your customized enclosure in 1-3 weeks ready to be assembled and go to work for you.

You can get started with an instant quote for enclosure customization today. Then, all you’ll need is an engineering drawing or CAD file of the cutouts your enclosures need, or a high-resolution image file of the printed designs you want. We love to make things easy for our customers, and no-hassle customization is a service we’re proud to offer.


Polycase Machine

Put together, these features add up to a high-performance line of products that sets a new standard for indoor electrical enclosures. If you need an enclosure that’s built to take the everyday stress of indoor dust and water resistance, the WA Series could be a great choice for you. To find out more about this series and the rest of our high-performance enclosures, give Polycase a call at 1-800-248-1233 or just contact us online.