CNC Machining: Answers to FAQs About Customized Enclosures

CNC Machining Answers to FAQs About Customized Enclosures

The standards of quality for electronics manufacturing continue to increase, so innovation and precision are equally necessary for manufacturers to stay competitive. Innovative products demand high-quality components, and that’s particularly true of the enclosures that house and protect sensitive electronic equipment. To achieve exacting standards of precision and performance, most manufacturers use computer numerical control machining, or CNC machining, to quickly and reliably modify enclosures to spec.

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Which NEMA 4X Enclosure Type Is Right for You?

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If you know that your manufacturing or industrial application requires a NEMA 4X enclosure but aren’t sure how to go about selecting one, we’re here to help! Polycase offers many different types of NEMA 4X-rated enclosures and our two most popular–polycarbonate and stainless steel–each has its own set of strengths. Today, we’ll provide a quick introduction to NEMA 4X, what it means to you and how to select the best material for the enclosures you need. Read More…

8 Most Common Types of Electrical Enclosures

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At first glance, electrical enclosures may not seem all that important. However, these carefully engineered boxes play a vital role in protecting electronics in industries such as telecommunications, IT systems, utilities and the Internet of Things (IoT), among many others. Read More…