What Does IP67 Mean? Understanding Ingress Protection Ratings

Getting the right electrical enclosure is a key part of making sure your electrical devices are well-protected. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find one with the specs you need— in fact, there are several rating systems created to do just that.

Today, we’ll talk about the IP rating system, a common system in use around the world to rate the protective qualities of electrical enclosures. More specifically, we’ll talk about what the IP67 rating means and who might find it the most useful. Finally, we’ll discuss a few of Polycase’s many options for great IP-rated enclosures that you can count on to protect your most sensitive devices.

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What IP-Rated Enclosures Protect Against

The IP rating system rates enclosures for their protection against two major hazards to electrical devices: solid object ingress and liquid ingress. Each is a significant consideration for the safe operation and integrity of electronic devices.

  • Solid Object Ingress: Ingress of solid objects covers a wide spectrum of hazards. On one end is accidental contact with a device’s components from workers’ hands, tools or other large objects. On the other is the intrusion of fine particles like dust, soil and sand. Both can cause significant damage to a device’s components and impair its operation.
  • Liquid Ingress: Ingress of liquids includes everything from simple accidental dripping, to splashing and hose-directed water, all the way up to prolonged submersion in over one meter of water. Liquid ingress is one of the biggest hazards for electronic devices, so it’s key to get the degree of protection for your enclosure.

How to Use the IP Rating System

Once you understand the number ratings used in the IP system, you can apply it to help you find the best enclosure for your needs. An IP rating is a two-digit number, and each number signifies a different level of protection:

  • The first of the two numbers signifies how well the enclosure protects against contact with solid objects. A number one protects against accidental contact with large objects or body surfaces like hands, while a number six protects completely against even small dust particles.
  • The second number signifies the enclosure’s protection level against liquids. A number one is protected against minor dripping water, while a number eight can be completely submerged for extended periods of time.

Thus, you can identify which level of protection your device requires from each type of hazard and combine the two levels to find the ideal IP rating for your enclosure.

What Applications Is an IP67 Rating Good For?

IP67 represents one of the highest levels of protection offered by an IP rating. This rating provides:

  • Complete protection against ingress of dust and airborne particles.
  • Protection against water and liquids, up to and including immersion in up to one meter of water.

An IP67 enclosure is a great choice for:

  • Outdoor utility devices, particularly ones in areas with high precipitation
  • Scientific instruments that need to survive harsh weather conditions
  • Industrial machinery control devices that are frequently exposed to high pressure wash-downs
  • Outdoor security system components that need quick accessibility in a variety of conditions.

Polycase AN-11F model

Polycase AN-11F model.

IP-Rated Enclosure Options from Polycase

Protective enclosures with an IP rating are a common need for Polycase’s customers, so we offer a wide variety. From polycarbonate to aluminum, our enclosures are created to perform.

Polycase currently offers numerous enclosures that meet or exceed IP67 rating standards. Whether you need IP67 rated enclosures with a hinged cover, tamper-proof screws, pole mounting options or wall mount flanges, we have you covered! Some of our popular series include:  

  • WQ Series Polycarbonate Enclosures: The WQ Series is one of Polycase’s most popular outdoor enclosure series. These weatherproof and waterproof enclosures are made from ultra-tough fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate, complete with a hinged latch system. Their hinged cover and IP67 rating makes them a great choice for applications that require both easy device access and superior weatherproofing performance.
  • AN Series Aluminum Enclosures: Aluminum enclosures are extremely popular for their durability, strength, natural RFI and EMI shielding and attractive appearance. The Polycase AN Series takes these qualities to a new level. They are constructed from sleek and durable aluminum alloy and feature a watertight gasket (installation required). When you need both great aesthetics and outstanding protection, these IP67 rated enclosures are a professional-grade choice.
  • SG Series Polycarbonate Enclosures: The rugged construction of these German-manufactured polycarbonate enclosures gives them protective qualities above and beyond the norm, including an IK08 impact rating to protect from dangerous mechanical impacts.. If you’re looking for highly durable IP67 polycarbonate protection, the SG series has what you’re looking for.

These are just a few of our great options for top IP rated enclosures. Check out all of our durable IP67 rated enclosures to find the best fit for your needs!

polycase enclosure model

At Polycase, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the high-grade protection they need for their devices, and offering IP67-rated devices is just one way we do that. To find out more about our enclosure solutions, call our experts at 1-800-248-1233 or contact us online.