Selecting Outdoor Electronic Enclosures

Outdoor Electronic Enclosure

Electronic devices that will have outdoor components or are meant for outdoor use will be exposed to elements that indoor electronics simply don’t need to be protected from.  Choosing a weatherproof enclosure that can reliably withstand these outdoor elements is just as important as selecting the components that the enclosure will contain.

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Outdoor Electronic Enclosures in Polycarbonate & Waterproof Silicone Gasketing

NEMA Gasket Electronic Enclosure

Polycarbonate electronic enclosures offer a number of advantages for outdoor applications. At Polycase, our NEMA rated electronic enclosures are manufactured from a polycarbonate material uniquely designed for high impact resistance and flame retardant, giving our NEMA rated polycarbonate enclosures all the properties necessary for the most demanding outdoor applications. Read More…

Custom NEMA Enclosures for IEC 60529 IP65 Ratings & EMI Filtering

NEMA Electronic Enclosure

IP ratings, also known as “International Protection Ratings” or “Ingress Protection” ratings, are outlined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) code 60529, “Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures”, as an “international classification system [to measure] the sealing effectiveness of enclosure of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies and moisture.” The rating IP65 classifies electronic enclosures which offer protection from dust and nozzle-sprayed water and is commonly associated with the American NEMA rating of 4 or 4x. IP and IEC ratings are used internationally and as a standard for domestic ISO facility adherence.

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Waterproof NEMA Boxes Meet Strict 4x Ratings

Waterproof NEMA Electronic Enclosure

Keeping sensitive electronic connections safe from damaging dust, dirt, moisture and direct water exposure is critical for industrial and outdoor settings. When applied and installed correctly, NEMA 4 rated electronic enclosures provide for the protection against dirt, rain, sleet, snow, dust and ice as well as splashed and direct nozzle-sprayed water, while NEMA 4x rated enclosures include corrosion prevention in their long list of protective properties.

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