Waterproof NEMA Boxes Meet Strict 4x Ratings

Waterproof NEMA Electronic Enclosure

Keeping sensitive electronic connections safe from damaging dust, dirt, moisture and direct water exposure is critical for industrial and outdoor settings. When applied and installed correctly, NEMA 4 rated electronic enclosures provide for the protection against dirt, rain, sleet, snow, dust and ice as well as splashed and direct nozzle-sprayed water, while NEMA 4x rated enclosures include corrosion prevention in their long list of protective properties.

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2-Pole Power Plug Enclosure

2 Pole AC EnclosureRecently, one of our customers came to the Polycase engineers with something of a power plug dilemma. “Mike” had recently bought a variety of samples of our PS series wall plug enclosures. By the way, this isn’t uncommon; people often sample multiple electronic enclosures to figure out which case will best suit their needs. Mike had settled on using either the PM 2314 and PM 2414 plug enclosures. However, Mike had a question about the plug configurations. He wondered if he could get polarizing pins on the two pin versions of the wall plug enclosures he had selected.

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Plastic Electronic Enclosures: How to Download CAD Files

Plastic Enclosures Engineering Drawing

Previously, we explained the different types of CAD files and 2D drawings that are available to help you use Polycase enclosures for your next electronic design. There is a simple, 2 dimensional drawing available for each of the series of plastic enclosures manufactured by Polycase. That drawing is available on the series level page on our website. For instance the AG series drawing can be found on the AG-series page.

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