3 Common Uses for Outdoor Electrical Boxes

ml series waterproof enclosureOutdoor electrical boxes are sealed enclosures often found on exterior walls, roofs, decks, and other outdoor structures. Because of their location and prolonged exposure to harsh weather, these enclosures must meet NEMA requirements equivalent to their environmental conditions. The NEMA ratings ensure moisture and foreign objects cannot enter the enclosure and short out the connection.  Let’s explore a few common uses for outdoor electrical boxes:

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a common application utilizing waterproof electrical boxes found in both commercial and residential areas. Outdoor structures like buildings or garages will almost always have some form of external lighting.  Homes, condos and apartment complexes have lighting throughout their landscape, around decks, pools or patio areas. Regardless of the location, outdoor lighting can be exposed to a variety of weather conditions like wind, rain, snow and ice. Therefore, the electrical components need protection with the use of a NEMA rated enclosure.

 Outdoor Wi-Fi Systems

The installation of wireless equipment in non-traditional outdoor locations is becoming more popular. Sports stadiums, amusement parks and college campuses are a few examples. There is a growing demand for better telecommunication systems in these types of highly populated areas.

Wi-Fi requires a signal to be sent out through a wireless transmitter. In an outdoor setting the transmitter needs to be housed within a weatherproof electrical box. Metal boxes can interfere with or even block these signals, thus polycarbonate has begun to dominate the outdoor wireless enclosure market. Polycarbonate enclosures are available in a variety of styles, sizes and ratings, and are competitively priced compared to their metal counterparts.

Car Washes

Car washes utilize a variety of electrical and electronic equipment. This equipment battles many environmental factors including extreme temperatures, constant contact with moisture and chemical exposure.  The non-stop interaction with these environmental factors requires enclosures that can withstand these conditions long-term.  So, you will often find stainless steel enclosures in use here. Stainless steel offers excellent durability, temperature tolerance and chemical resistance, making it the perfect material for use in a car wash.

Polycase has a Solution

Whether it’s material or a specific rating driving your selection for an enclosure, Polycase can help you find the perfect solution. We offer NEMA outdoor electrical enclosures in a range of materials, sizes and styles. Contact our knowledgeable team of customer service representatives and engineers for help on your next project!