Electronic Enclosures / Electronic Project Boxes – Our Sampling Policy

While relaxing this past weekend I had an opportunity to watch some TV commercials. I typically will fast forward through them (LOVE my DVR) but I was literally just vegging this weekend and wasn’t really looking to become involved in any one episode of a show. So I channel surfed. The commercials that struck me were a certain fiber bar and canned pasta. Both commercials featured giving out free samples of the product, to highlight that even though the products are healthy and good for you, they actually taste good, so good even a kid will eat the full serving of vegetables that are in every bowl. And once you know something tastes really good, you’re going to be more likely to buy more to eat it again.

This is the entire premise behind free samples of all kinds: Saturday mornings at the grocery store, 24 hour test drives, even Polycase’s sample policy. We’re happy to provide you with a free sample* so that you can test and prototype the case to be sure it will fit and accommodate your project specifications. This way, when you’re ready to produce more you know you already have a case that will work for your needs.

Free enclosure samples are provided so that you can test the size and structure of the enclosure. Is the case an appropriate size for your battery packs, board, and connectors? Will your board fit the mounting bosses? With the specified radii, can your board slide in the case or do you need to make adjustments? Can the enclosure withstand any temperature changes or physical exertion placed upon it?  These are all important questions to determine before you purchase large quantities of cases or boards. So we offer you a free sample of our standard product line so you can determine if Polycase is your perfect fit.

Simply call us toll-free 800-248-1233 and ask your customer service rep for a sample.

While we would love to be able to provide unlimited samples to all customers and prospects, we must limit the policy to one or two pieces to be sent to design engineers and business partners. For additional sample pieces or one-off designs, we do also offer no minimum purchases.

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss either of our policies.

* Please note our standard sample policy one free sample to electronic engineers, but is not applicable to WA Series, WC Series or WP Series NEMA enclosures. International samples will incur shipping fee.