Common Applications for NEMA 4X Enclosures

NEMA boxesNEMA 4X enclosures are designed to protect equipment from damaging environmental conditions such as dirt, rain, ice formation and corrosion.  They are the optimal choice for equipment placed in locations that are frequently exposed to corrosive agents, washdowns or heavy-weathering. There are many applications that require the use of a NEMA 4X enclosure, so we will just touch on a few of the most common places you will find them:

Outdoor Locations

NEMA 4X enclosures are designed to be weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. These include hot, dusty locations that are subject to wind abrasion, damp locations with lots of rainfall, or cold environments with sleet and ice storms. From the dry west coast to the humid east coast, NEMA 4X enclosures are prevalent.

Washdown Areas

A NEMA 4X enclosure is the ideal solution for equipment that is exposed to frequent washdowns with water or chemical solutions. You can find these boxes in use at facilities such as such car washes, dairy processing plants or any place where high-pressure cleaning equipment is utilized.

car going through automatic car wash

Exposure to Corrosive Substances

In industries where corrosive agents are present, NEMA 4X enclosures protect electrical equipment from contamination or damage. Locations such as water treatment facilities or marine environments, where equipment may be exposed to salt water or other substances, can benefit from the use of NEMA 4X enclosures.

NEMA 4X Enclosure Materials

Knowing if your equipment will be present in a location that requires a NEMA 4X enclosure is just one part of the equation. You will also need to have an understanding of which enclosure material to use for your application. There are a variety of options when it comes to materials like polycarbonate, aluminum and stainless steel. You can explore material choices for NEMA 4X enclosures on our blog post “Which NEMA 4X Enclosure Type is Right for You”.

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