Cable Gland Sizing Chart Correction

I had a customer call the other morning asking about the proper use of the Cable Glands. According to our chart, the CG-11 was the perfect size for the customer’s end use. However in his own words, there was no way it was going to fit.

One of the solutions the customer suggested was if the rubber cable seal could be removed, but still keep the water-tight seal. He theorized that once tightened, the cable nut would create the seal needed for waterproofing the enclosure. This rubber seal was where he had problems getting the wire to pass through.

In order to confirm this option, we contacted our supplier. Here are the two important things I learned:

1)    The rubber cable seal in fact cannot be removed. That is the portion of the cable gland that creates the actual seal. This seal is imperative to maintaining a waterproof enclosure

2)    The chart our vendor supplied with the cable glands was incorrect. The higher ends of the size ranges were too large.

Our sincere apologies for this inaccurate information. We have corrected the charts in the cable gland series pages on this website and have provided the corrected chart here:

Keep those questions coming! If Polycase doesn’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.