Find your Fit: Determining the need for Customized Electronics Enclosures

There is a time-honored adage that describes the need for the highest quality enclosures perfectly: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Do you really want to trust your high-quality product to a cut-rate case? Does it make sense to source your enclosures through a distributor, especially when there are manufacturer-direct options readily available?

With more and more systems depending on electronics to ensure reliable, consistent operation, it is essential that you pick the appropriate enclosure for your product.

Consumers have an expectation that a new product they’ve purchased will operate as advertised, not just from the moment they open the box, but every time they use it.  For this reason, it is paramount that you choose suppliers that offer the best quality at the right price.

Consumers assume if a product fails early in its life, it is the result of a manufacturing defect or error made in installation. But once an item has successfully commenced operation, it should not fail.  Industry professionals call this the Predictable Service-Life.  That’s why your choice in an enclosure is so important. Understanding the dynamics that will impact your product will guide you to picking the right enclosure.

For example, if your installation is susceptible to high temperatures or even an open flame, a heavy-duty plastic electronics enclosure like the Polycase ML Series is a great option since it’s made from flame-retardant polycarbonate. The ML series also has a cover that includes a silicon gasket which creates a water-tight seal to provide protection in various environments and applications.

In industrial and heavy-duty commercial applications, durability weighs heavily in design considerations. Diecast aluminum enclosures from Polycase are very durable. The aluminum also provides many other benefits such as a level of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic frequency interference (EFI) protection.

The strong, clean design of the AN Series aluminum enclosure is perfect for rugged conditions and exposed installations, like traffic controls. The AN Series enclosures are available in a natural aluminum or powder-coated black finish to suit your design aesthetically and functionally.

Polycase also offers the ability to customize their enclosures.  Once you find the right enclosure, we can customize it with cutouts or graphics to fit your specific application. Letting Polycase customize your enclosure is beneficial for many reasons. There is no minimum order requirement, only one supplier to deal with, and you can receive your enclosures in as little as one week! Plus, Polycase has been customizing enclosures with machining and printing for over 25 years, so you can trust that your product is in good hands. Having us customize one of our off-the-shelf enclosures is an excellent alternative to a completely custom molded design.

Custom molded enclosures can be expensive and time consuming, especially if it needs to be UL listed. Also, it’s not easy to make changes to the design of a custom molded product after its been finalized.

Utilizing Polycase’s CNC machining and digital printing services provides the look and feel of a custom-designed enclosure without the cost.  And since a portion of our enclosures already meet IEC 60529, NEMA 250 and UL94 testing standards, there is no need for additional testing or certification.

Distributors may offer some enticing options for your enclosure needs but working directly with an enclosure manufacturer like Polycase will more efficiently suit your needs.  We’ve designed the enclosures, so no one will be more knowledgeable than us when it comes to technical questions or concerns. This level of product expertise is not easy to find through a distribution channel.

More and more, we’re seeing a cross-over from industrial installations — where appearance had often been an afterthought — to visible installations when it is important to meet design considerations. Security projects, RV applications, and even surge suppression systems can be designed for reliability—while keeping an eye on appearance.  This growing trend is easily fulfilled with the ease and convince of our customization services.

It is really quite simple. Your company engineers the best products, and Polycase makes the best enclosures to house those products. We use quality materials, price our enclosures fairly, and keep plenty of inventory on hand to ensure we can meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. From large multi-level, multi-circuit board systems to small handheld applications, Polycase offers a complete enclosure catalogue to cover your needs.