Customized Plastic Project Boxes Are More Affordable Than You Think

Plastic Enclosure with CutoutsWe occasionally get a call from a customer requesting a few extra bases or a few more covers for their Polycase plastic enclosure. Why are they asking for extra components? Most likely because they sent the boxes to a local machine shop or even tried machining the boxes themselves….and they messed up. Now they need to be replaced. 

For the cost of shipping the spare pieces or even scraping out a few units during set up, Polycase could have easily performed the CNC machining for them. We have more than 25 years of experience in CNC machining and offer quick turnaround, no scrap costs, and even design help. We can take one of our off-the-shelf enclosures and turn it into a customized box to fit your project with our advanced CNC equipment. Our professional CNC machining process offers precision cutouts with tolerances of +/- .005 inches. And we can create virtually any size or shape cutout, since we are not limited by the diameter of a drill press like some smaller machine shops are.  We are truly a one-stop shop for your plastic enclosure needs.

So, save yourself time and money from the start of your project, let Polycase take care of your cutouts. Get started today by getting your no obligation 90 second quote here!