Product Spotlight – OctoLight

When I was in college, my roommate and I were slightly addicted to 2 things: Dukes of Hazard reruns and infomercials. Having watched the “PushLight” special probably 75 times in the 2 years we dormed together, we decided to buy a pack and split them. We used them in our closests, the trunk of our cars, to walk down the hall at night. You name it, we did. Several years ago I had a roast beef issue while catering a party, and in order to air out the trunk, we tore the light out so it wouldn’t drain the battery. Now, I’m wishing I still had a pack of the PushLights from my Roomie so I could light up my trunk.

So I was doubly delighted when I received this email from our customer: DeArmond Tool.

“Here is a picture showing one of your cases in our product line. This was the prototype[…] Hats off to whoever designed this particular case. It gave our little product just the touch of class it needed. This little light will light up an entire room. 540 Lumen. Plain but so functional!!”

Visit to learn more about this special product and to view each of the products in the DeArmond Tool line. Many more styles and products are in design phases so continue to check back as the site is updated. See something you like? You can order it right online!

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“Here…. I told “OctoLight” to take a nap!!” DeArmond is selling TRAINED PRODUCTS! Now if only he could help me train my dog …

* Polycase has provided this article as information only to showcase the possibilities of Polycase enclosures. We are not responsible for these products. If you have questions concerning the product, please contact the company directly.